The LaFayette Apple Run
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Apple Festival


The LaFayette Apple Run was first run in 1981 as part of the LaFayette Apple Festival. In 1981, the Lafayette Apple Festival was held at St. Josephs Church just East of Route 11 on Route 20 in LaFayette. The original director of the race was Tom LaClair, who intended that the race would grow into one of the preeminent Fall races in the Northeast. During the time that the race was held from the original site, the event consisted of a Fun Run, a 5 Mile Race and a 15KM race. The original LaFayette Apple Run event was run annually from 1981 to 1988 with no race held in 1984 or 1985.

Original 5 Mile Route

Original 15K Route


Year       5M         15KM    Total Runners

81           139         92           231

82           198         119         317

83           208         127         335

86           158         112         270

87           202         101         303

88           154         103         257


Original Course Records                                5M                                                         15KM

Female                                         Nancy Daniels 30:35(1987)               Elizabeth Mastin 60:32(1987)

Male                                           Craig Kinney 27:05(1987)                   Charles Duggan 48:32(1987)

Revived Race Courses

The race went into hibernation from 1989 to 2008 when it was revived by Bill McConnell, the current race director. The Apple Run was moved to the current location at the Southwest corner of the current Apple Festival Grounds. In 2008, only a Fun Run and 15KM race was held, but starting in 2009, a 5K Race was added. The current race is intended to offer something to everyone. A kids’ running program was started in the Grimshaw Elementary School and many of these kids are running in the Fun Run and even the 5K. The 5K attracts both fast runners and those that may be new to running or coming back to running after a hiatus. The 15K offers a good challenge to those that like their runs a little longer and offers spectacular views up and down the valley. Even if you aren’t a runner, many come down to watch their family and friends and then enjoy all that the Apple Festival has to offer.

Revived 5K Map

Revived 15K Route


Year       5KM       15KM    Total

2008       NA          94           94

2009       121         133         254

2010       187         137         324

2011       242         164         406

2012       306         169         475

2013       358         183         541

2014       329         176        505

Revived Course Records                                5KM                                                       15KM

Female                                           Heidi Szalach 20:48(2012)              Eileen Combs 57:26(2009)

Male                                               Derek Powers 16:07(2011)           Steve Slaby 51:09(2008)

Wheel(Male)                                                                                         Augusto Perez 48:30(2012)


Current Race Courses


In 2015 the courses were changed again with the goal of creating more synergy between the races. Both races start and finish near the Apple Run Registration tent with the 18K going off first and the 3.5M going off second. Both runs get a little bonus running!


Current 3.5 Mile Course

Current 18K Course

Year    3.5M    18K    Total

2015    297      143     440

Current Course Records                                3.5M                                                        18KM

Female                                        Maureen Milmoe  22:35(2015)                Karen Simmonds Brady 1:11:26(2015)

Male                                            Connor Oakman 18:54(2015)                        Erich Nieman 1:09:12(2015)